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Our Mattress Cleaning Service

Most people do not give adequate attention to the need of cleaning and sanitizing your mattress. This is probably the one place that you use for at least 6-8 hours a day, continuously. And the more you use, the dirtier it gets. A dirty mattress can have various health risks which can lead to chronic problems like asthma, allergies, and cough. Your nights will be restless, and your days won’t be as productive because of this. Apart from allergies and dust mites, you need to get rid of all the bacteria from urine accidents, perspiration, and all other body fluids. You need to clean your mattresses at least twice a year to avoid any health problems and ensure resting nights.

We use only the best of methods

Probably the only safe and effective way to clean your mattress would be the dry extraction method. We use completely organic products and do not use the typical steam cleaners for your mattress which take hours, or even days, to dry out. Most mattress manufacturers warn you to keep your mattress away from moisture, which may degrade memory foam mattresses or may void the warranty. Prolonged moisture also causes mold, shrinkage, and rusty springs. Our state of the art steam cleaners will ensure complete removal of stains, dirt, bacteria and odor without destroying your mattress. The steam cleaners are equipped with powerful extractors to allow them to dry in the quickest of time, to minimize the risk of mold and another mattress defects.

Our organic cleaners

We use completely safe and organic products which are environment-friendly, on your mattress to remove the stubborn odors and stains. Our products specialize in being gentle on fabrics and materials while at the same time, destroy any stubborn stains and eliminate all bacteria from your mattress to leave a fresh, clean and sanitized bed for you to sleep in.

Commercial and Residential Cleaning

Whether you have a single mattress, or a hotel full of them, our quick and effective mattress cleaning services can be catered to you wherever you need them. What’s more, our rates are completely reasonable and you can also get a free consultation or schedule a cleaning by calling us at (516) 500-8055.

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