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Our Carpet Rug Cleaning Service

Rugs can be quite expensive and valuable, even in non-monetary terms. And whether you have hand-me-down of generations before you, or a brand new rug, our services will make sure to provide you the best possible cleaning techniques to ensure that both you and your rug are satisfied. Our team of experts has been trained extensively in all sorts of materials, types, fibers, stains, odor and bacteria so they can deliver the best possible combination of products to maximize client satisfaction. Some rugs we are thoroughly experienced in include; handmade, machine-made, woolen/wool-blend, polyester/polyester-blend, shag, silk, Japanese, Indian, Persian and Turkish.

Consultation Services

If you’re not sure about our services, you can call on us for a free consultation service so that you feel completely comfortable with us for handling your expensive rugs. We will provide you with an estimate according to the type of services you require and we will make sure to provide you with the best possible rates. You can also let us know if you have any concerns and queries about our service or your rugs. We will also brief you in about the whole cleaning process which your rug will be a part of. Once we’re done with this session, you will soon be calling us to schedule an appropriate time for our services.

Why do you need to clean your rugs?

Cleaning rugs are not only important for your improved visual appeal and the health benefits associated. Cleaning your rugs will also help increase their life. In fact, a professional rug cleaning service is recommended every 2-4 years. And our professionals are trained for just that; using gentle, yet effective, organic cleaning products, to bring back the life in your rug.
Did you know, a typical 9×12 rug is capable of holding up to 87 pounds of soil before it even begins to look dirty! And the longer the dirt stays in, the shorter the lifespan of the rug gets. The soil becomes abrasive, and every time you walk over it, it damages your rug fibers.

Choose what’s suitable for you

If you’re wise enough to choose our services, you will be provided with the following two options:

1. Schedule a time with us, and we will bring all our equipment and cleaning products at your doorstep and clean your rugs while you stay inside the comforts and luxuries of your home.

2. If you’re too busy and cannot find a time suitable enough for our services, just call on us and we will pick up your rug from your home at any convenient time, take it down to our facility, and after cleaning it up, deliver it back to your place whenever you want at no cost at all! The pick-up and delivery are completely free and complementary to our cleaning services.
So give us call at (516) 500-8055 and sit back while we do all the work!

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